100 miles…and 2550 miles to go

Yesterday, we got the chance to talk to Lauren and Travis!  SG was trilled to hear her Aunt and Uncle’s voices and to know they are okay.   It was a big mile stone for Lauren and Travis as they crossed 100 miles AND got to take a HOT shower!  Travis said the shower was amazing!

Travis 100 miles wm

They had stopped at the  Warner Springs Community Resource Center to take showers and restock.  Small plug here for the Warner Springs Community Resource Center – they are a non-profit organization so if you are looking for a place to donate to, consider them.

warner Springs

The Warner Springs Community Resource Center stop actually puts them at the 108 mile mark.  This ends the first section of the Half Mile Maps.  They are now starting California B.


Their next stop is Hwy 74/Mile 150 where they will be meeting Travis’ Aunt and Uncle, Joan and Jay Johnson.

Day 5, Mile 64

Lauren shared these pictures yesterday – April 27.


This is the desert in bloom.  I sure appreciate her sharing these pictures.  It’s amazingly beautiful!

desert in bloom wm ld

Here is the vista of the desert from Mount Laguna:

Desert view from Mt Laguna wm

They are moving right along and things are going well despite finding a tick in the tent.




April 26 update

Marty sent me another update.  A call this morning from Travis and Lauren (April 25) (Yesterday was a message). They are at elevation 3000 ft North on the Mount Laguna area.

map of where Mt Laguna is
Where Lauren and Travis are on the map. Courtesy of Google Images

welcome to mt laguna

Courtesy of Google Images


mount laguna from desert
Pic of Mt Laguna from the desert. Courtesy of Google Images

It was 28 this morning with a dusting of snow.

light dusting of snow
More snow than a dusting but you get the idea.  Courtesy of Google Images.

They have been getting up, packing and walking for an hour or so and then stopping for breakfast. The view back to the desert this morning was beautiful.

desert view from Camp Ranchero on the trail
Picture from Mount Laguna looking at the desert from the Racheria Campground.  Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Sleeping is going well for them, no blisters and they were able to send 6 pounds of food up to the next resupply (Joan, that’s you and Jay).


Mount Laguna

Marty got a call at 4:45, on April 25, 2016.   Lauren and Travis got their first resupply box at Mount Laguna.  They sound great. They are having a good time. No pictures yet. Here’s their trip:

big map

If you’d like to see the maps of their travels, you can stop at Halfmiles PCT Maps.  They are currently in California Section A, 2nd page (there are 15 pages in the first section).  Here’s the map for California Section A maps:


Enjoy and stay tune for the next update from our adventures!


Day 1

Lauren and Travis have reached the trail head of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail.  They started their adventure on April 23, 2016.  Here is a picture Lauren shared:

Day 1 of journey

Here they are at the Mexican border:

They have 2650 miles to go!  Lauren shared this picture of what her life will look like for the next few months:

laurens life for the next few months

We wish them well and look forward to hearing their adventures!!