Section A Goals

Goals for the first section of our trek north:

Day 1: No Blisters

Day 2: No Blisters + not dehydrated

Day 3: No Blisters + not dehydrated + no sunburn

Day 4: find resupply point

Day 5: Repeat day three


We went for a walk around the block today. It was a stunning spring day with flowers everywhere. Our feet hurt and Lauren stopped every block to adjust her fancy new sandals. Apparently sandals designed by indigenous populations and built with modern materials are hard…. We are soft.

One of my favorite lessons learned while ski touring certainly applies to our upcoming trip:

“Finish faster than you start”

Eric Pehota


I hope our initial five day plan is enough to ensure that the presumption in Eric’s quote, that we will finish, comes to fruition.

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