Morning Sessions

When Lauren and I started dating during university the first item that we purchased as a couple, splitting the cost as college students, was a 70 meter dry climbing rope. We spent many days as nascent climbers exploring the cliffs of the Inland Northwest on top rope before learning to lead. Lauren was actually the one who wanted to learn to climb sport. She realized that the top rope setup was incredibly limiting and a huge waste of time when she would rather be climbing… so she bought a stack of draws and we became sport climbers for a year or two before she came down with the bug that would lead to chronic fatigue syndrome.


As a going away gift Steve D. invited me to join the Mountain Gear crew for a 6:30 am morning session at Wild Walls. As much as the gym was shiny and new with kick ass bouldering walls, a padded  non- gravel floor, and better sound/lighting it was still the same place where Lauren and I spent so much time a decade ago. Interesting to see it come full circle, Todd who is the current WW manager, would let us stay super late while we climbed there during college, well after standard hours. Just as he departed to art school in Seattle is when Lauren and dropped out of climbing. Cool to see what he is doing with the gym these days, the gym looks great.

The morning session was an amazing gift. Not just for the inevitable forearm pump, but for the chance to touch base with amazing friends while they do inspiring things. I’m feeling pretty grateful for the friends in Spokane whose send-offs are helping me appreciate how lucky we are to live here. #Spokane #inspired #comehomesoon

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