April 26 update

Marty sent me another update.  A call this morning from Travis and Lauren (April 25) (Yesterday was a message). They are at elevation 3000 ft North on the Mount Laguna area.

map of where Mt Laguna is
Where Lauren and Travis are on the map. Courtesy of Google Images

welcome to mt laguna

Courtesy of Google Images


mount laguna from desert
Pic of Mt Laguna from the desert. Courtesy of Google Images

It was 28 this morning with a dusting of snow.

light dusting of snow
More snow than a dusting but you get the idea.  Courtesy of Google Images.

They have been getting up, packing and walking for an hour or so and then stopping for breakfast. The view back to the desert this morning was beautiful.

desert view from Camp Ranchero on the trail
Picture from Mount Laguna looking at the desert from the Racheria Campground.  Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Sleeping is going well for them, no blisters and they were able to send 6 pounds of food up to the next resupply (Joan, that’s you and Jay).


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