Mile 175

I received a call on May 3 (Tuesday evening) from Lauren and Travis. They are having quite the adventure of the past few days!!  They met up with Travis’ Aunt and Uncle for a nice break and to restock:



Doesn’t Lauren look AMAZING?  SG says Aunt Lauren is “amazing different”!  SG would also like to know why she’s not at the pool with them.  They sent me this amazing picture that came through while I was stuck in Beltway Traffic driving 11 tweens back from school:


Am I in the wrong place or what?  Anywho…they have just finished a fire alternate route and are about at mile 175-178 of the PCT.  They are currently in Wdyllwild, CA. If you are following on the map, it’s page 14 of California Section B:  ca_section_b_map.

They shared some interesting experiences from catching a ride to town and having a conversation about Trump with the other passengers to experiencing the eclectic personality of the town. The town is small and quaint, with buildings that are very old to very modern.  It has a thriving tourism industry, attracting mountain bikers as it hosts a significant mountain biking race late May. Here are some miscellaneous pictures I pulled from Google images of where they are at:

Travis shared that they had to do a hike around due to a fire.  Here was their alternative route:


They currently are on a mission to hike through the pass at San Jacinto to try and avoid some major weather.  This is their first major weather adversity.  They will encounter a touch of some snow and rain.   Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  They will be rejoining Travis’ Aunt and Uncle again for a break.

Until the next update,



3 thoughts on “Mile 175

  1. Those of us that work with Travis would like to send them a care package or two. Could we get information on where, when to ship and maybe some ideas on things they may want please?


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