May 15 update…Mile 369

It’s May 15th and now we are to mile 369.  Wow..this has been crazy busy for Lauren and Travis.  Information has been trickling in and here’s what I’ve pieced together.  This is such an amazing trip.

When we last left off, Lauren and Travis (now to be known as LauTrav for faster typing) needed to make a fast hike to beat the weather within 48 hours.  That was May 3.  I’m here on May 15 to let you know where they were on May 13 at mile 369!  How amazing is that?!

During this time, they have faced some challenges between needing to replace Travis’ rain gear and both of them getting very sick either with a food poisoning or stomach bug. They had to slow their pace of 18 miles/day to 6 miles/day.  In addition, they met a snake.   =(   This has not been the fun stuff.



On May 11 they were picked up by Joan and Jay (Aunt and Uncle) picked them up for a break.  Aunt Joan and uncle jay drove them two hours to the Bigbear take off point for the trail. Joan and Jay hiked with them for a couple of hours. Joan would like to convey to anyone who is planning to hike with them, be prepared to do a slow jog. She says they really move out fast.

On the good stuff, they were through Wrightwood, CA, to pick up a package.  Wrightwood, CA is knows as the “most hiker friendly” on the trail.  LauTrav have discovered this to be the case.  They were hitchhiking to get to Wrightwood and met a trail angel.  This gentleman offered them dinner, a place to stay overnight, and breakfast!!  They were able to pick up their next box.

As they have departed from Wrightwood, they are currently hiking up Mount Baden-Powell and then head into two weeks of “High Desert” hiking.  They should be entering the Mojave Desert tomorrow or the day after.

They were in California D page 3 when they in Wrightwood.  Page 4 is Mount Baden-Powell. Page 5 takes you into the High Desert.


The Half-Mile Maps offer information about where you can mail packages to.  If you mail a package to LauTrav, please make sure to let us know so we can ensure that messages are sent as to where you are planning to mail packages to.  If you want to join the hike, please reference this blog entry.

Until the next updates, take care and thank you for following LauTrav in their adventure.

Linda ~ =)




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