May 21 Mile 477

Update from LauTrav.  I have they a few miles of ahead of where they actually are!  From Travis:  Last night (20th) they spent night at Hiker Heaven, aka Jeff and Donna Sauflys who are trail hosts in Aqua Dolce. Travis reports they are amazing people!


At Hiker Heaven, hikers are provided a 3 day, 2 night stay, free of charge.  They have access to showers, high speed internet, phones, laundry, transportation hub, and postal drop.  The Sauflys are able to provide these wonderful accommodations for the hikers through their “Gift for Gift”:

“Gift for a Gift”

Hiker Heaven closed in January 2015, and all the physical gear that made it a great stop — tents, cots, chairs, shelves, storage bins, bikes, everything — was dispersed to other trail hosting locations. So, everything needs to be replaced in order for Hiker Heaven to offer what it offered before. Replacing it all at once, instead slowly of over years as had happened before, requires funds beyond our personal means. So, we’re reaching out to the unfailing support of the hiking community.

Since Hiker Heaven is not a business, non-profit, or any type of formal organization, (we’re a family that is fortunate enough to have some truly amazing volunteers) we’re calling this a “Gift-for-a-Gift”. With a gift of funds to Hiker Heaven, you will receive a gift of a Saufley Electric tee-shirt or hooded pullover sweatshirt.


From Lauren:  4 weeks to the day here we are at Casa De Luna mile 478. I found this YouTube video about Casa De Luna (word of warning…there really is some mooning)

There is a beautiful manzanita forest in the back for everyone to camp in.

Probably the most unique place we have camped thus far. Unbeknownst to us the name comes from the fact that when you get your hiker photo taken Miss Terry (shown below) moons you. When I asked to take a photo with her she gladly accepted and then proceeded to grab my bum.


Today we will get a shuttle around a 15 mile trail closure due to the Power House Fire in 2013.  This actually puts them on Page 3 of California Section E.


Now LauTrav are where they are suppose to be!  Stay tuned for the next update

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