May 22 Mile 500!

Update from LauTrav – May 22 was a busy day. We hiked 24 miles, passed mile 500!!


We ended our day at Hiker Town. A strange place that reminds me of the the Dusk till Dawn movie.  You’ll find more information about Hiker Town on this post.


Travis also managed to smack right into a tree. No worries he is just fine, must have something to do with those thick Polish heads. However,it is the hiker equivalent of hitting a parked car.


I did check to make sure he was okay before taking the pictures.  Makes me laugh every time I think about it. He was following me pretty closely down the trail, I ducked to go under the tree and then heard a noise behind me. I assumed Travis had just scraped the top of his pack as he had gone under but when I turned around I found him fully laid out.


Poor guy had been looking down at his dried cherry snack, hit the tree and bounced off. If you look closely you can see the bag of cherries on the trail next to him. Unfortunately for Travis trail names usually originate from mistakes made on the trail. We are contemplating calling him “put a cherry on it.” 🍒😅

Until next time!


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