May 24 Desert Segment Miles 518+

Image courtesy of Google images

Another update from LauTrav  – They left Hikertown (Mile 518) yesterday evening (May 23).  This page 7 of ca_section_e_map.  Hikertown is where Lancaster is on the map below.  Some of the material I’ve read indicates that Hikertown is actually about the half way point of the Desert Segment of the PCT.

image courtesy of Google images

Because of the heat, they will be hiking in am and pm.  Their goal is to reach Cottonwood Creek Bridge – this was 16 miles up the trail as it’s the next water source.  They are hike north on Hwy 138.  And they are hiking on top of the LA Aqueduct. When they left Hikerstown, the aqueduct was above ground:

california aqueduct near hikerstown
image courtesy of Google Images

as they hike, the aqueduct is underground:

hike along the aqueduct
Image courtesy of Google Images


All of their water will be piped water.  There are some water caches maintained along the PCT by trail angels:

Image courtesy of Google images


Cottonwood Bridge Creek (which should be dry) will get them to mile marker 535.  This is page 9 of the ca_section_e_map.  Once here, they can get piped water.

Image courtesy of Google Images

If for some reason, there is not water there (because the aqueduct is dry), it looks like they can get water at:

Iberdrola Renewables, Manzana Wind Project office, 1.3 miles  east of the PCT, has faucet near building and ac110 gallon water tank at the south fence if the office is closed (nights &
weekends). This is on E10 of the map – about mile 536.9.

Then their next goal will be Tehachapi Willow Springs Road Trailhead (mile 558), 23.6 miles. This is the next water source after Cottonwood Bridge Creek.  They go through Tyler Horse Canyon.  One of the thoughts shared after hiking more than 500 miles, it has  totally reinforced how dependent we all are on water.  How scarce it is in certain areas.  Water is a very serious business.   Especially when all you can see is this for a 16-25 miles.


They will still have a few more jaunts where water sources are few and far between.  They are not without their struggles like all hikers.  Travis’ ankles are bothering him.  You can follow along their trek with these notes from the Halfmile PCT.  They have helpful:  halfmiles_pct_notes_scal.  This actually gives the places you can send care packages to.  Be sure to check out costs – some places charge for pick of the package and daily storage of packages!!   Here’s another great link specific for their information:  Click Here

Until next time,

~Linda =)

2 thoughts on “May 24 Desert Segment Miles 518+

  1. Thanks Travis!! Looking forward to the next update. =) Be safe and we love you. SG wants to know if you’ve seen any of the lizards and to take pictures for her please. ((hugs))


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