Marty’s Job

Following the last post about care packages, it seemed appropriate to share how LauTrav are getting their food as well as maps and gear during their hike.  Marty, Travis’ Mom, took on the daunting task of mailing food/gear/maps out to LauTrav at regular intervals.  LauTrav do not have the ability to take all the food or maps they need for 5 months with them.  Impossible to carry it all.  All along the PCT, there are mail drop stops for hikers where they have their food/gear/maps mailed to.  In the beginning, LauTrav were not sure about how much they needed to eat to maintain their energy.  They had a plan as to where they would be when, barring no complications (injuries, illness, weather, gear issues).  Some of these boxes have been trial and error.  Marty sent me the following update last week:

“Shipped today.  36lbs that will last them about 7 days.  Also sent the bear vault and sack and some warmer clothes. They will pick up in Kennedy Meadows on June 2 or3. Then up into the Sierras!
This photo is our dining room wall!  The blue bag on the end is Lauren’s chocolate. It has to be melted to 2 oz portions.  I will be tackling that this weekend. Plan to do it all as it’s such a mess.
Marty’s dining room wall..most importantly, the chocolate in the blue bag for Lauren.
All this should cover most of their trip….they can order more if needed. We keep thinking its diminishing……but so far its wishful thinking. I finally have a handle on where stuff is and how much to send per meal.😏  Love, M”
One of the things I’ve discovered over the past 5 weeks from my reading and working with LauTrav is that no thru-hiker does these trips without a strong support system in place.  If you recollect the first email LauTrav sent out a list of ways that they needed support.  It definitely takes a team effort to ensure things happen.  There is definitely a learning curve for all of us as we figure this out.  I’m grateful that everyone continues to persevere until we get things right.  Yes, we definitely have a team – Go Team LauTrav!!!
~ Linda =)

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