Bishop CA

LauTrav have arrived back at Bishop on Monday, Jun 13.  They have had an eventful several days since the last check in.  They lead quite the life right now.

On June 3, the last post, they were at Kennedy Meadows.  From there they took a detour up the trail to deal with their financial affairs in Bishop, CA.  They stayed in the Bates Motel in there (when I googled this I got the very scary Bates Motel – horror flick stuff.  Hoping the Bates Motel they stayed at was way better).

Just for fun, they took a side trip to climb Mount Whitney (14,500 ft.)  Fun. Really!

Today, they will get themselves back on the PCT climbing peak after peak through the High Sierras where everything is above 10,000 feet.    They will be out touch for 5 to 7 days. Makes me a little nervous but oh well.  They are at the end of ca_section_g_map    or the start of  ca_section_h_map .   Mount Whitney is at the beginning of H.

I’ll post more when I get a chance to talk with Honey Dear about the rest of the update.

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