Mile 789 from Sand to Snow

From Lauren with modifications.

There is so much to say about our last 5 day section of hiking. The Sierras are stunning and formidable.

sierra vista wm

We summited Mt Whitney, the tallest point in the lower 48 states (14,504ft).   Here is a great site about hiking Mt Whitney.

We then went over Forester Pass, the highest point on the PCT (13,200ft) and where I took this video.

We had a small weather window before we got hammered in the craziest winter storm I have ever been in.   (Link to video shared on FB: )

I had no idea you could be in a lighting storm and get fully snowed on at the same time. The snow came down so fast and heavy I had to get up and shake my tent off 3 times that night because it was actually starting to collapse my tent. By 8am the next morning it was sunny again, just long enough for us to dry out our stuff and keep hiking. However when we got to the next pass the winter storm rolled in again and we once again we were covered in snow.  For those who wanted snow pictures, here you go:

After being wet and cold for 2 days I was so grateful to hit our resupply town and have a real shelter for a couple of nights. There is nothing as special as a hotel room! If anyone is planning on sending us a care package the best thing you could send is gift cards for hotel chains (best western, travellodge, super 8, ect.) or I cannot express how much it means to have a warm, dry bed and a shower when we get off the trail!


Today we are headed back up to PCT mile 789 (Section H Page 5 ca_section_h_map ) for an 8 day stretch. We will be hiking from Independence to Mammoth Lakes, about 118 miles of trail.

That’s the update for now.   It will be 8 days until we get the next update.

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