Mile 900+

This update is a bit late and not a lot added from me this go around.  We have been gone (as a family for 14 days just getting home late last night). I will do some future posts while LauTrav are on their next stint of not being in touch! LauTrav had been out of touch since the last post  as planned due to hiking into the through the Southern Sierras.  They attempted to contact my on June 23 and we played phone tag due to me being at the CTMH Convention (training and fun all day long). Due to just getting home, I wanted to get this post up as it’s a few days late as is.  More to come as I break down their hike when they head out again.  This post covers June 15-June 23, 2016:


Here’s Lauren’s update:

“Travis and I had an amazing 8 day section through the southern Sierras. We got to pass mile markers 800 and 900. We had no idea when we started this section how many water crossings, snow crossings and rock scrambles we would be doing everyday. Although the desert presented many mental challenges, the Sierra’s have been the most difficult physically. In the desert we had gotten used to doing 20-plus miles per day so it was a bit of a shock when we hit the Sierras and we’re working just as hard or harder and only gaining 15 to 20 miles a day. Many nights have been spent camped at 10000 feet with cold frosty mornings and thousands of feet gained and lost throughout our hiking day. The trail has been difficult with many rock steps, mud, water, snow and loose boulders. We constantly have to be watching our feet and adjusting for uneven ground. Opportunities to slip, fall, or twist an ankle are abundant and we rarely just get the chance to mindlessly walk. We have had to summit a pass almost everyday with elevations ranging from 11,000 to 14,000 ft. Despite the many challenges and difficult terrain these vast expanses and breathtaking sights have made every step worth it.

We have just treated ourselves to a couple of zeros in the town of Mammoth Lakes and will soon be headed back out to complete another 8 day section taking us from Red’s Meadow mile 906 to North Kennedy Meadows at mile 1017. From there we will have a quick resupply and possibly no cell coverage for another 4 days until we reach South Lake Tahoe at mile 1093.”

More to come when I sit down and have time to pull the maps and do the research on the areas they’ve been through.

Until next time,

~ Linda

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