Care Package Update

Travis and I have to send a big thanks out to the people at SHRD who sent us a care package at Independence. They put so much thought and care into the items in the package our hearts were overflowing when we opened the box. It raised our spirits so much we can’t thank them enough.

We would love to hear from more of our friends and supporters. The next best place to send care packages is to Travis ‘ s aunt and uncle in Reno who will be picking us up from south lake Tahoe in about 12-14 days. It sounds like they will be picking us up a couple of times as we hike past the Reno area so we will be able to receive packages there until about July 15th.

Letters, pictures, words of encouragement, hotel gift cards and cookies made by the Alternative Baking Co are highly wanted, but we will be thrilled to receive anything you want to send! We are missing our peeps and would LOVE to hear from all of you.

Here is how to address the packages.

Lauren DeLand or Travis Nichols
C/O Tom & Virginia Nichols
3783 Vancouver Drive
Reno, NV 89511

Until next time,

~ Linda

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