July 3 Mile 1017

I received an update from Marty last night (Sunday July 3).  LauTrav just called and are in the tourist They think they are 4-5 days from South Tahoe.  town of North Kennedy Meadows (Long Barn, CA). They are at MP 1017/  Sonora Pass.   This places at them on page 10 of Section I (ca_section_i_map  )and moving into Section J Page 1 (ca_section_j_map ). They are close to finishing the Central California Section.  In this section, they will have crossed 8 passes that are over 11,000 feet, including Forester Pass which is the highest on the entire trail at over 13,000 feet!  Pretty amazing for their first 1000+ miles on the trail.

+*all pictures from Google images.

They had paid $2 to use a pay phone.  No cell service.  It was $6 for a shower, so they are headed back out to the trail without one.  Sure makes you appreciate being able to walk into the bathroom and take a hot shower!

Their upcoming hike  will take them along the following: “After crossing Highway 108 at Sonora Pass (elev. 9,620′), the trail begins a generally subalpine, relatively level traverse that stays close to the Sierra crest until this section ends at Interstate 80 (elev. 7,200′). Volcanic rock formations can be found north of Yosemite, with increasing frequency from Sonora Pass to Echo Summit at Highway 50, and again near this section’s end, north of the Granite Chief Wilderness.

Plants in this section include corn lily, snow plant, red fir, Jeffrey and ponderosa pine at lower levels; and mule ears, mountain hemlock and weather-twisted white bark pines near treeline. Animals include marmot, coyote, deer and black bear.

Mountain chickadee, junco, Steller’s jay, Clark’s nutcracker and red-tailed hawks serenade visitors’ ears.” (http://www.pcta.org/discover-the-trail/geography/central-california/)  All images from Google Images.

In closing, Lauren said today was the most beautiful scenery yet.  She is looking forward to more. Roger is explaining the Geology/environment of the area to Travis.  They both sound well but trail worn.

Thanks for stopping by to see how LauTrav are doing. If you want to send care packages, please read this post.  Until next time,


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