They are off!

Here’s a quick snap shot of LauTrav headed back out on the trail on July 9th with their Uncle Tom:


Tom (Travis’ Dad’s brother), Travis and Lauren heading out on their 34.7 miles hike. I’ll pick them up tomorrow evening at about 6:00.  They are covering the area Echo Summit near So. Lake Tahoe to Barker Pass with one overnight in the Desolation Wilderness.  LauTrav have invited others to join them in hiking sections.  Marty and I noticed what looks like new shoes for this hike?

Anyway, the Desolation Wilderness:  The Desolation Wilderness, encompassing 63,475 acres of rugged alpine terrain, is a spectacular area of subalpine and alpine forests, jagged granitic peaks, and glacially formed valleys and lake basins. Here on both sides of the Sierra Nevada, averaging 12.5 miles in length and 8 miles in width, you’ll find elevations ranging from about 6,500 feet to almost 10,000 feet. Mostly lacking in dense vegetation, Desolation is a glacially smoothed expanse west of Lake Tahoe. . You’ll discover numerous streams and approximately 130 lakes, some reaching 900 acres in size. Snow often blocks the high passes until mid-July. Long recognized for its mountain splendor, Desolation Valley Primitive Area was established in 1931 and then granted Wilderness status in 1969. The Pacific Crest Trail traverses about 17 miles of the Wilderness north-south, and at one point crosses Dicks Pass (9,380 feet), the highest pass between here and Canada. ( )  (Side note, there is a lot of great information on and the site is done by the University of Montana)


Below are some pictures  of the trail head for Barker’s Pass as well as some other scenic pictures of the area they were hiking (all pics courtesy of Google Images).

Quite amazing vistas! What a beautiful country we live in.   I found this wonderful panoramic of Lake Tahoe:

Lake Tahoe


Huge thanks to Aunt Virginia who sent the picture of them and provided me the updated hike information.

Until next time,

~ Linda =)

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