Halfway and beyond…

Here is the latest update from LauTrav, pieced together from the Facebook posts and pictures Lauren shared.  I’m a couple of weeks behind due to life happenings over here in Maryland.  I’m looking forward to catching myself and everyone up.  Travis has been providing some amazing pictures that I’m hoping to do some “in between” posts based on those pictures.  Anywho, back to the update.

Mile 1325 marks halfway for LauTrav!  Absolutely amazing feat.  Since I left off, they have covered several sections of the Halfmile maps.  The halfway mark is on page 6 of Section N (ca_section_n_map)


They are out of the Sierras and into the Cascade Range and Modoc Plateau natural region.  The following pictures complete the Map N.


I just want to point out that they were in Reno on or around July 13 and are now past Burney Falls – August 3. Look at the distance they have covered.  I know they are two weeks behind but hopefully they were able to make up some mileage givens the amount of ground they’ve hiked.  Lauren posted the following pictures with wonderful information which I’ve captioned the pictures with the antidote.


We have been hiking through a lot of forest lately. It is interesting how the moss only grows at a certain height.


Camped by a creek, Travis woke to find a frog in his shoe.


Got a chance to hike with our friend Chuckerbird while crossing the Hat Creek Rim. So jealous of his umbrella.


Stumbled upon one of the beat trail magic setups thus far. They had a full lunch of pulled pork sandwiches with fruit, veggies, potato and pasta salad, along with ice cold drinks and dessert. This was a very welcome sight on a 100 plus degree day but the best part was watching Phantom(green shirt) come down the trail to find his daughter (trail magic host, pink tank) and all the family waiting for him. They had made motivational signs and lined the trail into camp and we all got a little teary-eyed seeing his daughter running down the trail to meet and hug Phantom as he came in.


Morning at Burney Fall Campground after getting a shower. I had to get a picture of Travis’s troll hair.

Burney Fall – Amazing




Mid-day break, trying to get some of the swelling out of my feet.


Had to scare this deer off, she was looking to use the backpacks as a salt lick. (they are sweating too much)


Creek close to the McCloud river where we got a chance to do some laundry and swimming. 

Bridge over the swimming hole.
Happier and cleaner then we started the day!


Resupplies at Old Station, I was absorbed in planning out our camp and water locations for the next few days.

They are off into Section O (ca_section_o_map).

Until next time

~Linda =)


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