Etna, CA

I got a quick note from LauTrav letting me know they had reached Etna, CA on August 8th, 2016.  There was not a picture upload to go with it so I pulled some pictures and information from the internet.  They shared the people of Etna are amazing!  Enta is on page 13 of Section O (ca_section_p_map).

main street

Etna is a small town close to the border of CA.  It’s located in Scott’s Valley at the foot of the Marble Mountain Wilderness in the Siskiyou Mountain (Cascades) Range.  The population of Etna is 737 (2010).


Etna attracts visitors who love outdoor activities.  The USPS sees an increase in business with the PCT hikers.  When you look at these amazing scenic pictures, it’s easy to understand why folks who love the outdoors would find themselves in Etna!

When this posts on Wednesday, they’ll be in Section Q (ca_section_q_map) or possibly R (ca_section_r_map) depending on how long they stayed in Etna.  Section R is the last section of California and they’ll be headed into Oregon.

Until next time,

~ Linda =)   (sources:,_California; Google images for pictures)


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