Hello Oregon!

By the time this goes live, LauTrav may be at Crater Lake, OR for their next drop.  Life has been busy for everyone and they keep moving right along.  As most of you are aware, they were 2 weeks behind and the finish date of October 2 is quickly going to be here.  I can’t believe how fast the two weeks before school started went with all the dr apts, school supplies/clothes, shopping, last minute get-it-done before summer is gone trip, and just the basics of keeping up 2 businesses and the house, has made time fly.


I got a call from Lauren on August 13, as they were 3 miles off I-5 to catch a ride to Ashland. There they were planning to stay a few day with Travis’ friend before heading out again.  They were going to do some of the trail slack-packing to make up time.  I’m a week or two late on posting this due to my own schedule.

Lauren put of some great pictures on FB (thus lessening the urgency for me to post) with some great information.  I’m presenting them in a slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From Lauren: “The last few days have been filled with highlights and accomplishments.
As we left Seiad Valley, 2 turkeys came out of nowhere and started chasing us down the road. With trekking polls in hand we fended them off and eventually got away unscathed but it was not for lack of trying on the turkey’s part.  California gave us one last parting gift of a grueling 7,000+ foot climb on a 100 degree day but we finally said goodbye to the golden state.  Not long after entering into Oregon we then reached 1700 miles. It is hard to believe there are 950 miles left.   Today as we reached I5 into Ashland we lucked out again and hit some trail magic.  The last bit of news is Travis finally got a trail name. The group today at the trail magic christened him Chiseled (for his legs) and chiz for short.”

Oregon only has 6 maps compared to the impressive 18 maps that California has.  I realize just how big California is when I look at them.  Here are the Oregon Maps (there is no “a” map):

This is by no means to allude that this part of the hike will be without it’s trials and difficulties.

Until next time,

~ Linda  =)




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