2/3’s of the way there

On August 17, LauTrav crossed the 2/3 mark! Amazing, right?


This puts them on Mile 1779 on Page 2 of Oregon C via the maps we are following: or_section_c_map

This put them close to Fourmile Lake in Oregon:

Fourmile Lake is located in Approximately 40 miles from Klamath Falls, Oregon off of Highway 140 near Lake of the Woods. Fourmile Lake is the last lake south in the Sky Lakes Wilderness area. The Sky Lakes Wilderness straddles southern Oregon’s Cascade Range from Crater Lake National Park southward to Fourmile Lake and Highway 140. This is a beautiful lake next to Mount McLoughlin with a high elevation mixed conifer forest dominated by mountain hemlock, Douglas fir, white fir and Shasta red fir. Around the lake itself there are extensive stands of lodgepole pine. The lake is at 5744’ in elevation, top of McLoughlin is 9,495 feet (http://www.southernoregon.com/lakes/fourmilelake/index.html )”

They look fantastic:13938523_10211005964604510_4383451682280602988_n

That’s all for now! Until next time,

~Linda =)



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