Aug 20 = Crater Lake

We got a post card from LauTrav yesterday of Crater Lake.


The postmark on it is August 20 and is the Crater Lake PO!  Ah, the little clues they send to me to let me know where they are at.  Their secret plan is to make a private eye out of me!

Crater Lake National Park in Oregon is one of my favorite places to visit.  The scenery is amazing.  Here is some information about how the PCT works around the lake:


“The PCT enters the park at its southern border, amid fascinating pumice flats and near beautiful Stuart Falls, with its fine campsite. The trail heads north through a magnificent stand of mountain hemlock, where you’re more likely to see elk than other hikers. Also along this section, there’s a 2.6-mile detour to Union Peak, a rocky scramble that gives you a view of the entire southern half of the park.

The trail follows the rim above Crater Lake for six spectacular miles, then heads north through dry, open country to Oregon 138. Technically, the section along the rim isn’t the PCT, which allows horses and so must avoid the lake. But with scenery like this, who cares?”  (

It’s a beautiful area they are in.  I can’t wait to hear what they liked best or found most amazing.   They were in Section C – Page 10 at this point or_section_c_map  .  I’m sure they are much further now.

Until next time,

~Linda =)

2 thoughts on “Aug 20 = Crater Lake

  1. My wife Caryn and I are thinking of Lauren and Travis and glad to hear (and see) that they are doing so well and 2/3s the way there! Very impressive…we look forward to welcoming them home when they return to Spokane. Please give them our regards and well wishes for a safe completion of their epic journey.
    Steven Goodman and Caryn Adaryn, Spokane

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Steven for your kind words. I’ll be sure that Lauren and Travis know. =) Thanks for reading and commenting.
      ~Linda =)


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