This post has little to do with here LauTrav are at. It has a lot to do with their camping.  Sarah Grace (their niece aka SG) is very fascinated with the idea that every night LauTrav have to set up tents and cook.  I believe her statement was “that’s a lot of work and ridiculous”.  Of course, she does not have a goal to hike the PCT either.  8 year old’s have an interesting perspective of life.  This is SG’s favorite tent picture:


So the tent.  When I asked Travis about the tents, I got this great email from him with the following information:  “Tents are Sierra Designs Tensegrity 1 Elite tents. I was lucky enough to work with both Michael Glavin & Casey Sumnicht as they developed the tent. In my opinion is offers superior usability and room to just about everything on the trail for a comparable weight (1 lbs 13oz) (except the Zpacks stuff which is amazing but also made of $). “

“Our Elite tents are no holds barred, lightweight shelters. Using lightweight, fully Siliconized Nylon fabrics to repel water, we were able to reduce weight, greatly increase strength, and offer better UV resistance. Our Elite fabrics do not to adhere to the FR standard CPAI-84, limiting your exposure to FR chemicals. As such, these tents cannot be sold or shipped to CA, LA, MA, MI, MN, NJ or NY.

This tent is not factory seam sealed.
One trade-off that comes with this awesome fabric is that it cannot be factory seam sealed. It’s a bit of work that you’ll have to take on, but self sealing your tent is lighter, far more reliable, and more durable than seam tape in the long run.” ( ) Pictures and information taken directly from the website.

I put together a slide of various pictures of them setting up camp or getting up.  These tents are doing a great job considering they’ve been used every night since April when they started this journey:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Food and eating? As you  know, Travis’ Mom,  Marty Nichols stuffs, packages and sending the life supplies for the PCT Journey about every  week or every 5 days:


This is so LauTrav have limited the amount of weight they are packing on the trail.  SG wants to know if the food in “those bags tastes any good?”.  LauTrav will have to let her know!

Until next time,

~Linda =)


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