1800 miles and more

Well, I missed the FB posting from LauTrav about hitting the 1800 mile mark on the PCT, leaving them 850 miles to go.  Seems like a lot to me left but heck, after you’ve done 1800, what’s 850, right?



This is still a momentous occasion and deserving of such recognition.

Then the pictures of “running” the Crater Lake trail showed up!  I know that slackpacking has become a treasured activity as it allows them to run the trail with no pack or just a small pack with a few necessities. After carrying the backpacks, there is much freedom of movement and release in this.  I found this great explanation of slackpacking:

“If you’re at all familiar with the term “slacker” — that is, someone who puts forth minimal effort — you might be tempted to assume that slackpacking means loafing along the trail and never really getting anywhere. That’s not necessarily the case; slackpackers can move far and fast over difficult terrain…

…because they’re carrying a small pack or no pack at all, while most everybody else on the trail will be toting full-on camping gear. You see, slackpacking is backpacking without all that awkward carrying of gear or sleeping outside.” ( http://hiking.about.com/od/Hiking-Glossary/g/What-Is-Slackpacking.htm)

So here are incredible pictures of LauTrav slackpacking the Crater Lake Trail!  Enjoy as Crater Lake is amazing and worthy of everyone putting it on your bucket list if you have not been there:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mile 1800 put them at Honeymoon Creek, OR on Map C Page 5: or_section_c_map

You can find the Crater Lake Rim Trail is on Map C page 12.

I saw some changes in the Drop Box so I’ll see what Travis has uploaded for me.  At times, I wish I could spend hours and days researching their pictures and experiences.  Truly a vicarious way to live but such an enjoyment has made me more aware of the beauties offered right here in the United States of America!

Until next time,

~Linda =)




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