Mount Hood, OR

I got an email yesterday from LauTrav  letting me know that they were at Mount Hood at Timberline Lodge which is by Portland, OR!  They are almost to Washington.  This puts them on Oregon Map G, Page 1 (or_section_g_map).  They maybe departing today.


As it’s the first of the month, I don’t have a lot of time to write a long blog post about where they are (I’m doing my website updates for my business – However, I will come back to it as Mt Hood and the Portland area is amazing!!


The most important part of this blog post besides they are alive and kicking butt on the trail, is that they were interviewed and written up on this blog:   A portion of their piece:

“Lauren DeLand and Travis Nichols, both age 34

Trail: Currently hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, started on April 23; projected to finish on Sept. 22, 2016. Follow their progress at For this story, they were interviewed by email and phone while in Mammoth Lakes, California.

“We’re not backpackers,” admits Deland. “Hiking was always the way to go do something else.” Their primary pursuits include backcountry skiing, rock climbing, and trail running. But hiking the PCT was percolating as an idea for a few years – “a trip that would challenge us, make us grow,” DeLand says. DeLand and Nichols celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary on the PCT on June 20. For a couple that first met in a Wilderness First Aid course at Eastern Washington University, hiking 2,633.5 miles together is just another outdoor adventure. “It’s all about the journey,” says Nichols. After Nichols was granted leave from his job with the Spokane Regional Health District, he and DeLand began an intense five-week period of preparation. (Nichols also works as a buyer for Mountain Gear and DeLand is a massage therapist.) ” (

Please click the link to read the full write up on LauTrav and the other three hikers.

More to come later after I get my site and blog done!  Until next time,

~Linda =)


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