350 miles to go and more …..

LauTrav checked in today and they have 350 miles to go before reaching the boarder of Canada.  They are making incredible progress. The pictures they posted show what amazing state Washington is.


For Lauren “Yay for Aunt Meg who rescued us from the rain at Trout Lake! We had a wonderful time at the hotel where Meg got to see the gear explosion of drying, cleaning, repairs and resupply. New clothing and shoes came in this resupply so we were finally able to throw out our duct taped shoes.  The sun has returned and for the last few days we have enjoyed beautiful views of Mount Adams, Helens and Rainier. With 350 miles left hopefully the good weather will hold out to get us to the border.”


Here are their pictures showing the wonderful vistas they wake up to, hike through, and go to sleep to.

What a wonderful world…….Anyway, this puts them past the 2300 mile mark, which on wa_section_i_map, page 3.  The area is Bumping Lake.

“Bumping Lake Campground sits just off the forested shore of Bumping Lake in the Cascade Mountains east of Mount Rainier National Park, about 45 miles northwest of Naches, Washington. Fantastic peaks, high-country lakes and old-growth forests provide visitors with unique and surprising landscapes, making the campground an ideal setting for both individual and family camping excursions.” (http://www.recreation.gov/camping/bumping-lake-campground/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=NRSO&parkId=70706 )

This also puts them close to Laughingwater Trail Head, along side of Mount Rainer.  One of the most interesting description of this area:

“Water tumbling over rocks creates a cheerful sound. Almost like a chuckle. Or a laugh. As though the water is laughing. Ah-haaaa! Tumbling water draining from a trio of lakes. It seems the namer of the features of this route started with a good creative streak and then got lazy. Laughingwater Creek is a beautiful stream tumbling through a moss-laden forest, and Three Lakes is a wonderful trio of tarns in a high alpine basin; they deserve a livelier name. This trail is a marvelous route to explore early—it’s usually snow free by late June or early July. Visit while the waters are still running strong to hear the biggest chuckles.” ( http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/laughingwater-creek)

Foggy Laughingwater Creek Trail. Photo by Kim Brown

Later last night,  I got a chance to text with LauTrav.  She has picts from the 2300 mile marker she is trying to upload.  They got super lucky Friday night as they were hiking towards White Pass. About 6 miles out and around 6pm they bumped into a day hiker named Denis who offered us to stay the night at the Olympic ski lodge. So wonderful,  they got showers, beds and he made us breakfast in the morning.

More on this area in the next post. 

 Until the next update,

~Linda =)

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