They are okay – 5 days to go

Hi everyone.  I don’t have much information for this post other than they are okay.  Honey Dear called to let me know they had gotten an email and that they are about 5 days from BC.  I will post more when I get more information.

~ Linda  =)

2 thoughts on “They are okay – 5 days to go

  1. Phew! Today the clouds broke and I can see Mt Baker from Sequim. Hope they are enjoying a sunny day,too. Thinking of them and the coming transition to “real life”. Linda, your blog has been WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Trav’s Aunt Mary


  2. Yes, I agree it was wonderful to hear they are okay. I’m waiting for Honey Dear to forward me the email she got so I can update the blog as to where they are at. Thank you for your kind comments! We’ve learned a lot about the PCT and enjoyed having the opportunity to support LauTrav like this.


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