Trail Dispatch

I spoke to Lauren this morning and she is doing great! She survived her first thunderstorm on the trail and even had a positive attitude after a very wet night. She loves her Feathered Friends sleeping bag and is surprised that so many people want to hear her experiences from the PCT. She anticipated 12 mile days to start but the trail quality is good and she has yet to feel the strain she expected. It is highly likely that she will increase her pace but is being very judicious about accelerating too quickly. She is likely to stay at Duke Shelter tonight near Hawk Mountain.

The Crane Train

Just before departing Lauren received an unexpected gift. The Crane family after hearing her story while packing food sent over this amazingly thoughtful pendant. Both Lauren and I were deeply touched and amazed by the creativity. Lauren immediately affixed the symbol of her trail name to her right shoulder strap. Look closely this summer. Thank you to Mitch, Maggie, Jewels &Brian for all of your help packing food & this gift.

PS: Good news, Lauren reported that with 1L of water (2.24 lbs) and 5x days of food, her total weight is 30 lbs which is fantastic given her sleep system requirements!


I am so incredibly grateful to have all of these amazing, generous, selfless people come together to help reach for a dream. This is what five months of food for backpacking looks like. Thank you to everyone who came over and packed food. Super special thanks to the Rocket Market for making a healthy organic diet possible!