Mile 242 – Waterville School Road

Lauren checked in tonight (Easter Sunday).  She let me know they camped at mile 242 so if they are hiking today, they are beyond this.  If you are following the planner, this puts Lauren about a week ahead!  She was to be at Waterville School Road this upcoming Friday.  I’ll adjust the planner to reflect her true pace.

When Lauren reached Fontana Dam/Lake, Drogo joined her for some hiking – the past 3 days.  Lauren has enjoyed their time hiking.  She reports the weather has been fantastic and hiking good.  She’s moved along through NC to the TN border.  I’d have to say hiking across the dam would be impressive for the view.

The past three days of hiking has take them to roughly, Waterville School Road, which is on the TN side of things.  This also takes her into the Smokey’s, which she reports are something to look at.  The next few days of hiking will be along the border of TN and NC towards the Hot Spring (next major road cross over), in NC.  This continues to be around the Ashville, NC area where we have two Trail Angels available to help.

Resources: (read from the bottom up as the break down is going from the north, hiking south and Lauren is hiking north from the south.

Photos:  Google

Until next time,

~ Linda

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