My Aunt Mary checked in on Lauren’s progress by email tonight. I realized that we are directing some people to this blog for updates who although competent and tech savy with the internet may not be familiar with a basic element of blogs: RSS.

Simple concept: Why keep checking this silly website to see if there is something new, only to be disapointed, when an update can be dispatched to you instantly the second that an update is posted…. Thus RSS. Bringing the Internet to you instead of you going out to find it.

However you consume the internet, brower, email, standalone feed reader, there is a tool for you to benifit from the little orange button. This concept is how blogs proliferated and people are able to essentially create their own custom newspaper of content streaming to their inbox/feed reader. Here are instructions:

PS: It took me a minute to find instructions that were dated from the past year, rather than 2004 when RSS was developed.


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