Harper’s Ferry – the unofficial halfway point

It’s May 31 and I’m getting to report first hand!  SG and I met Lauren and Kyle today here.  It was great to see her again and to meet Kyle.  SG is beyond excited to see her Aunt Lauren.  Harper’s Ferry is the unofficial half way point being around 950+ miles into the AT. The “true” halfway point is around 1090 some miles.


We arrived about 11:30 and got checked into the Clarion where the staff was been more than great in helping us out here.   We picked up Lauren and Kyle in Harper’s Ferry.  We returned to the hotel to drop off bags, sort out laundry (was glad we got two rooms as they were unpacking and the trail smell rolled into the rooms.   20170531_133223


After a shower, Lauren, SG, and I made a run to REI to get Lauren a new backpack.  The reason why?  Her current backpack was leaving sores all over her lower body.   I’m only showing you the one that I can as this is a G rated blog.  Even with open sores and 30 pounds on her back, Lauren has pushed through.  My admiration for her grit has jumped several notches.  Kyle stayed back and handled the laundry end of things.


After about an hour at REI with SG and I taking a walk over to Barnes and Noble for a few books, Lauren has found a bag that will work.  It was necessary to compromise on weight, going from a bag that was two pounds to one that is about 3.25 pounds.  Trade off?  Aluminum structure and a lumbar band that will not leave her raw.  REI staff were great in helping her out and taking the return of the old pack pack. The REI in Rockville MD is impressive and two stories.

We tripped back during rush hour traffic which made a 40 minute drive 1 hour and 35 minutes.  Great time for us to catch up.  Lauren and SG headed off to the pool while Kyle and I made a WalMart run.

I am definitely impressed with “Hiker Hunger” after watching Lauren polish off a flatbread pizza, chicken sandwich, and half of a really good watermelon!  Tomorrow brings a new day and SG will hike with Lauren and Kyle for about 2.7 miles.  I’ll pick her up and we’ll drive to where we are meeting them after they do a day of slack packing.


On a side note, Harper’s Ferry is a beautiful, quaint town that is worth a day trip to come and spend the time wandering around.  The town reminds me of a village with the historical buildings which have been preserved.  You can wander through the different shops, catch the Amtrack back to DC, or sit outside in one of the eateries and enjoy the ambiance.  Easy access to the AT. Tomorrow when I drop the three of them off, I plan to stop and take a few pictures to share in an upcoming blog.   We enjoyed a beautiful sunset tonight.


Until the next update,

~ Linda

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