Halfway, Allentown Shelter, and more

Wow….I’m retyping this post because I did something to delete the entire post just before I was ready to post.  =(  This one will be shorter I’m afraid.

Since we left Lauren in MD on June 1, Lauren has crossed the Mason Dixon Line (MD/PA line):


And crossed the official half way mark of the trail.


She continues to hike with Kyle.   SG and I made a run up about 3 hours from our house to meet the at the Allentown Shelter when Lauren determined we could hike in to meet them and spend the night. While I’m a Glamper, I agreed to this because I know SG would love to camp and 2 miles is not a big deal with a day pack.  Jeff and I dug out the sleeping bags:


There was a Cabela’s on the way so I knew we could stop and get some basics – like straps to tie down the sleeping bags to the packs (ours are day packs and our sleeping bags are not ones designed for hiking) and a few other things.  SG and I left.  We had a small delay outside of Baltimore due to a truck accident.  Does anyone else find it eerie that Google Maps can tell you how long your traffic delay will be in real time?  We hope no one was seriously hurt.

The largest Cabela’s is in Port Clinton, PA.  We picked up pillows, a sleeping mat for me, and straps.  We also got gas and TP (another vital need for hikers).

We made it to the trail head where I got the packs set up



SG was so excited when we set off!

The hike was a little shy of 2 miles.  When we got to the Shelter, Aunt Lauren and Kyle were working on dinner.  SG and I set up camp while they did this.  Dinner was fantastic.  SG was fascinated by all the things that went into adventure and I’m so glad we did this.

SG helped put the food bags up in the trees to keep the bears away.  We hung all the packs up and left the zippers open on all the compartments so the mice don’t chew their way into the pack.  There was a rattlesnake that apparently likes to live at the privy so you took a stick with you there to make noise to warn it away!  SG would have been content to stay and hunt for it so she could see it!

We shared the camp site with 6 other hikers, so a total of 9 of us.   There is an easy camaraderie among the hikers.  Sharing of information and friendliness.

There was some light rain that came early in the morning.  Luckily, it let up as we were getting up. After packing  up and eating breakfast, we headed out stopping at an “unreliable” spring to see if it was there and it was.  Lauren and Kyle took the opportunity to stock up on water.  They carry filtration systems to help ensure their safety.

After this, I turned my keys over to Lauren and encouraged them to take off as I do not hike at their pace.  They needed to reach the truck anyway and get their day packs ready to go so they could slack pack this next section, which is known to be fairly rocky and limited in water supplies.  I would take their packs to the next cross over at Little Gap.  This was my last view of them for about an hour.

I enjoyed my hike out, taking pictures of the different things that caught my eye.

Once I met up with them, they were working on their packs.  SG was entertaining everyone with a “pick a card” magic trick.   SG has a little bit of hero worship going on with her Aunt Lauren!


Off they went went into the woods and we headed over to Little Gap.

We drove down the windy mountain road to the valley highway.  We drove through Lehigh valley, along the ridge line where they were hiking.


We stopped off at the Blue Mountain Summit and discovered it was also a ski resort.  Very pretty up here.  They will hike past it over the ridge, above.  The workers shared they’ll get hikers through for a meal.   It was great to use a restroom and wash our hands and faces.  =)

SG and I left for the trail head.  It’s literally left out of the ski resort and almost an immediate right to the “parking lot”.  SG and I scouted around for a bit, looking for a good, safe place to stash the packs.  With pictures and texts we let them know where we left things.

We headed home back to go bowling with some friends.  Lauren sent me a text letting me know they found the packs and were off again.  They have almost hiked across the state of PA in 10 days.  When we drove out, we were very close to Allentown and I would have loved to have the day to stop and visit.  Allentown is the 3rd largest city in PA with lots of great history.  Allentown has been involved in both the Revolution and Civil Wars.  It has some amazing history and while it’s not a “known” history spot, it’s one you should definitely put on your stops if you love history.  Check out Wiki on this.

Until the next check in

~ Linda







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