Trail Magic

One of the things that really makes a hiker’s day is Trail Magic!  It’s a little something special and unexpected which gives a ray of hope.   Lauren received one back at the 501 Shelter.


“A huge thank you to Joe Frambach and Tori Frambach for surprising me with trail magic at the 501 shelter! Unfortunately I misses seeing them by an hour but they left a ton of food at the shelter for me. When I arrived at the 501 and the caretaker said there was trail magic left there specifically for me I didn’t believe him. All he could remember is they were friends of mine from the PCT and I couldn’t think of anyone I knew from Pennsylvania. Joe and Tori who live in San Francisco happened to be visiting PA and contacted Travis to find out where they could surprise me with trail magic.
What a special treat! Joe and Tori are amazing. I loved the fresh fruit, particularly the watermelon.”

I have to say this is a very impressive shelter the 501 Shelter is!  Look at the number of hikers that can be accommodated! This Shelter was before we reached them.

Until next time,

~ Linda

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