Planning for Pick up

I’ve been in touch with Lauren as we are planning for the pick up from Mt. Katahdin on or about August 5.  It really has gone by fast, especially as the our plans (Caler’s) were to follow Lauren through the White Mountains and such during the month of August with her end date being September 1-3.  What an amazing trip this has been for us to watch her excel. The Pacific Crest Trail really prepared her for this hike.

Bigelow Hike

On Monday, July 24, they were at mile 2006.7.  This is the Horn’s Pond Lean-to for sleeping.  They are in Maine now, around Stratton, in the Bigelow Range.  Some of the reading I’ve done online about this, indicate the Bigelow Trail is considered to be the 2nd best hike, 2nd to the Katahdin hike (their end).  It’s considered to be a very difficult trail.  It mentions to “pack the Aleve”!  ( .  As this was a text update with a mile marker, I don’t have pictures of what they are seeing outside of what I’ve gathered from the internet.

photo bigelowavery4IMG_3007AT bigelow preserve

Planning for the pick up.  We had hoped to camp in Baxter State Park only to find that all the camping has been spoken for.  =(  Boo.  So we found a great hotel for $85.00/night which has a pool (three cheers from SG) and a hot tub (many cheers from Lauren and Kyle).  Reservations made, check.

  • Plans to stop and see a former co-worker from Oregon, now residing over in the Syracuse, NY and spend the night there. – check
  • 2nd night at the Whites.  Maybe a small hike there
  • Hotel room in a hotel with a pool (for SG) and a hot tub for hikers.  Check.
  • Tent and sleeping bags (I need a better pad so am bringing an air mattress – glamping) – Check
  • Insect repellent/Sunscreen/First Aid. – check
  • Plan for meeting Lauren and Kyle on Aug 4, when they camp at the base of Mt. Katahdin.  We’ll bringing them some Trail Magic.and stay until they are ready for bed. ( We’ll head back to our hotel about 30 miles away.  With the Park speed limit of 20 miles/hour, it may take us a bit to get home. ) – check

There will be more check off on the list as we actually start packing the car today (Sunday).  There is no real plan for how fast we’ll get back to Maryland at this point.  We’ll have to see when we get closer!

Until the next check-in,

~ Linda =)

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