Birches – Mile 2184.6

What a journey and adventure.  Mile 2184.6 brings Dust Buster and AT AT Walker to the Birches Camp Ground, the final camp site before completing the last summit, Mt. Katahdin.  We are all here were we are suppose to be.


SG and I shared a meal with Lauren and Kyle, a couple from Belgium, and 2 other hikers who Lauren and Kyle have been crossing paths with.  It’s wonderful to share food or break bread, listen to stories, and enjoy everyone’s company as they plan for the last big push.

SG and I will hike an much more moderate trail tomorrow.  We have to try out our new trekking poles.  Jeff has them sent to us at the hotel and SG is over the moon as she’s a “real hiker” now.  It’s very sweet to watch her strive to match her Aunt Lauren and hard to watch her struggle with our decision that the hike to Mt Katahdin via the AT was way beyond both of us.  I think I’m committing to some hiking as SG seems to really enjoy this.

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Tomorrow we’ll plan to meet them around 3-5pm.  Then it’s town food,  laundry, a hot tub, and real bed as we plan our trip back to Maryland.

I would be remiss to not mention that Lauren and Kyle checked in at the Birches.   They are now hikers 248 and 249.   This is really amazing.  Lauren logged into the AT as hiker 1378, logged in at Harper’s Ferry as 470, and now is Hiker 248.   Kyle’s numbers are similar as he logged into the AT as hiker 1381, Harper’s as 471, and is now 249.   They have passed all of these hikers before them over the course of 5 months to reach these amazing numbers.  The feat of completing a thru hike is challenging and an accomplishment.  To have done so at the pace they  have, is truly amazing.  They are an inspiration.   They say “Don’t just finish the hike.  Finish it well.”  They are both in good shape, uninjured, and set for tomorrow.

Until tomorrow,

~ Linda



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