Lauren and Travis

aka DustBuster and Chiseled


DustBuster is an outdoor enthusiast, massage therapist, thru-hiker who has been living with chronic fatigue syndrome for 16+ years.tr5 - dustbuster

Raised in the Montana countryside my love for nature and outdoor activities comes naturally. I was one of those kids who scaled the refrigerator by the age of 2 and quickly discovered the coat closet had a secret monkey bar inside. I would hang out above my parents heads after climbing the support pole to the vaulted ceilings like a barefoot islander collecting coconuts. To this day my mom will recount the story of how I bent all the kitchen knobs with a melancholy look on her face because I used them as foot holds while ascending the cabinets. I have to say my mom was fairly serine throughout my rambunctious childhood in part because her go to move was to shew us toward the door with the words “go play outside!” Words which saved her sanity and have remained true most of my life. Go Play Outside.


Travis, aka Chiseled, aka Elevator (testing out a new trail name)


Grew up in western Washington playing outdoors from sea to summit. Travis was the epitome of a hyperactive child who could drive his family crazy without hours of physical activity.  Roadtrips meant Travis was made to run circles around the car at every stop. His mom often found Travis standing by her bed at 6am bright, cheery and eager to play well before she was ready to start her day. Perhaps what shaped Travis’s connection with nature the most was the numerous weekends spent camping with his family. His father’s position in the Forest Service lead to a wide knowledge of the obscure roads deep within the Cascade Mountains and Mt Baker Forest. Hiking trips with his dad were usually far from any traditional trail and included harrowing amounts of bushwhacking filled with mosquito swarms, soggy terrain and relentless underbrush. Many lessons about perseverance, hard work and reward were learned while following his father up those mountainsides, as a result Travis continues to feel his truest self when pushing his limits in outdoor spaces.